The Benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning for Brisbane

When home carpets get soiled and unsightly, homemakers may come across with a number of carpet cleaning options to address it. One of them is dry carpet cleaning and if you require only a speak and span kind of cleaner for your home carpet, dry cleaning them would be your best option to take.

What Is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

It employs the use of a machine specifically designed to clean home carpet with the aid of biodegradable cleaning compounds. In dry carpet cleaning, you apply the cleaning compounds on the affected, or to be cleaned areas in your house and allowing them to sink in first for about an hour or so. After the advisable time elapsed and the solution has taken effect pulling up on surface dirt and deep seated debris from your carpet, we vacuum suck them to extract them out.

But Wait There’s More!

These biodegradable compounds make it easy for the vacuum cleaner to suck them out. Usually these are the greasy and oily type of soil particles that are left clinging into the deepest parts of your home carpets. They remain seated there because your regular vacuum cleaner can’t pull them out. Not unless that you use a special cleaning agent but so far only a dry cleaning compound can actually do this.

Lets Break It Down

  • It is practical

 Dry carpet cleaning cleans your carpet without making a mess in your home. This method is not at all a completely dry means to clean your home carpet, as cleaning compounds in liquid form may be used. An alternative to liquid cleaning compound would be the powder compounds. Our vacuum cleaner will spread it evenly to affected areas, and extract them out after elapsing some time. As opposed to conventional carpet cleaning options, this method does not leave chemical residue that can pose harm to your health. In addition, chemical residues can be a catalyst for mold to form.

  • It is convenient

There is no need for you to wait and see results unlike the traditional carpet cleaning methods you know of wherein you have to wait on your carpet to dry. If you opt to use instead the powder cleaning compound, rest assured that you will have clean and fresh smelling carpet afterwards.

  • No harmful chemical fumes

While the carpet cleaning is in progress, you will not smell traces of chemical fumes from the cleaning compounds as they are organic-based.

  • Safe for the Environment

The mere fact that the cleaning compounds used in dry cleaning your carpet, regardless that they come in liquid or powder form, is organically made you can count on it to be safe for the environment. It is not going to put Mother Nature in peril of chemical pollution that has long been proven by scientists to have long ill effects to the environment.  In a way this is your best way to do your share of saving Mother Nature.

 In Summary

When it comes to keeping your home carpets squeaky clean, you must take into account that it is not just the aesthetic value you must think about. It should go beyond that such as cleaning it and making it last much longer for your family to use. We are going to make this happen for you. Our pool of professional carpet cleaners will do the dry carpet cleaning work for you; all you have to do is see the best results we are to give and the difference we can make.

We are StainPro carpet cleaning and have been supplying dry carpet cleaning services in Brisbane for over 10 years.

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Why Dry Carpet Cleaning is Good for Your Home

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