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The bedroom is your very own private space at home. While you happily welcome visitors and guests in the living room, you sure don’t want anyone to get inside the bedroom and sleep on your favorite bed. You want this little space to be exclusive for you and your family.

But do you know that you are not actually sleeping alone on your bed? As you dream away the night, you are actually sharing the space with at least two million dust mites and bed bugs that lurk on every crevices and spaces, every nook and corners of your favorite cottony mattress.

When you start sneezing, feeling a little sick, or when your kids start developing asthma symptoms, it’s about time you get expert help.

The StainPro Mattress Cleaning Way

Mattress cleaning is not just simply shaking off the dust from the affected areas or vacuuming the bedding as the Cooperative Research Centre for Asthma revealed that dust mites and bed bugs actually cannot be removed by simple cleaning and dusting alone.

Brisbane residents can now hire Stain Pro Carpet Cleaning, the experts in bed bug and dust mite removal.

Over the years, we have built a reputation as a trusted cleaning company, focusing on total customer satisfaction and professional touch for every customer serviced.

You need a company with the right skills, the right technology, and the proven-effect methods of cleaning that focuses on removing dust mites and sanitizing the area to ensure that dust mites will not be able to breed again.

The Winning Mattress Cleaning Solution

Our services include the following procedures that will surely meet or even exceed your expectations:

  • Heavy dusting and vacuuming
  • Stain and superficial dirt removal
  • Dust mite treatment and sanitation using non-hazardous and environment-friendly solutions
  • Heavy steam or dry cleaning process
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing
  • Application of non-toxic anti-dust mite formula


Professional Touch

Our process follows and even exceeds Australian standards and our team of professionals has the right experience and skills in making sure that your mattress will be more than just cleaned-up, it will be bug free for at least six months!

We also make sure that every work is done professionally, with options to move the mattresses outside of the house, if you don’t want anyone to enter your bedroom, or keep the cleaning works inside the bedroom as we can also sanitize the entire room. Either ways, our mattress cleaning service will remain as effective and as satisfying.

Make the Right Move Now!

Don’t let bed bugs and dust mites interfere in your quest for a good night’s sleep. When you avail of our mattress cleaning service, you avail of a professional partner that will make your mattress clean and your bed room  dust mites and bed bugs free… now that should be big reasons to hit the bed early every night!

Want to know more about your proven-effective mattress cleaning services? Call us today for a free consultation.

Remove Bed Bugs & Mites With Professional Mattress Cleaning

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