Tile and Grout Cleaning

Freshen up your tiles and grout

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Consider this

You breathe a sigh of relief knowing that everything is ready for that house party you organized for next week. The decorations are ready and the menu and refreshments are in place. You relax on the couch and enjoy the successful preparations. What could go wrong?

Tile & Grout Cleaning


Have you checked the conditions of the tiles and grout in your bathroom or in the kitchen? What if your friends and party visitors ask to use the bathroom or want to extend their help in kitchen?  What an embarrassment it would be if your visitors find out that your bathroom and kitchen tiles are an un sightly mess!

Cringe no more.

We can transform those old dirty tiles back to the squeaky clean and stunning condition they once were.

Your Partner

Stain Pro can transform your dirty tiles and grout into something that you’d be proud in just an hour or two.

We utilize environment-friendly products that will effectively remove hardened dirt that accumulate deep within the crevices and spaces of your tiled surfaces. Our friendly staff also have the right skills to effectively remove any stain or discoloration that might be apparent.

The Process

Each service we provide follows unique processes that ensure an effective and satisfying result. We will provide the following services for every customer:

  • Pre inspection and assessment
    Our team of professionals will inspect your premises and provide an accurate quote (this can often be done over the phone)
  • Cleaning
    As soon as you avail of our service, we will immediately work on cleaning the tile grout to remove years of dirt and discoloration using non-hazardous and environment-friendly formula
  • Coloring & re coloring
    We will restore the original color of your grout as needed or apply new grout for heavily stained or damaged services
  • Resealing
    We have a revolutionary formula that effectively wipes out stains, discolorations, and dirt without damaging original colors and reseals them as needed.
  • Sanitation and Stain Guard Application
    To further protect them, we will apply stain guard protection in the kitchen and bathroom and then sanitize them to prevent germs and bacteria build up.


The Most Affordable, Highly-Effective Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

Our aim is to effectively clean and revitalize your tiled areas and restore them to their original state (or as close as possible). We don’t believe in the saying that quality service comes with a price because we always bring out the best of our skills and experience in every project we work on, no matter how big or small it may be.

Call us now and say goodbye to dirty bathroom and kitchen tiles.

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Quality Tile and Grout Cleaning

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