Dry Carpet Cleaning

Make your Carpets as good as new

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Looking for expert in the industry? We provide both north and south side services. Choosing and buying high-quality carpets that fit into the interior design of your house or office truly require extensive knowledge of the type of fabrics used in the carpet and the design of the product as a whole.  Most people want to make sure they get the best carpets so they usually go for expensive and high-quality carpets believing that the more expensive the carpets are, the longer they will last.

We believe that properly maintaining and cleaning your carpets are the key to making them last. No matter if you have an expensive carpet or a carpet bought during a mall or garage sale, their lifespan depends on having them cleaned regularly and correctly.

Our Dry Cleaning service is designed to add years to your carpets as we use proven-effective procedures and techniques that will not only clean your carpets but will also keep them beautiful and free from unwanted stains.

Our service is available to all Brisbane metropolitan areas and as far south as Yatala, you can visit our service areas page for full details.


Dry Carpet Cleaning - Brisbane North and South


Friendly local service at a great price

As a local provider, we assure you of high quality service and satisfying results.

We also provide you the following benefits:

  • Better results
  • Fast service
  • Assurance that your carpets will not deform, shrink, or discolor
  • Effective removal of stains and odors without damaging the fabric of your carpets
  • Free deodorizing and sanitizing
  • Fast carpet cleaning quotes


With more than 10 years of experience, Stain Pro Carpet Cleaning has been considered as one of the best, most-trusted, and highly-effective carpet cleaners in Queensland. And we don’t just clean carpets, we offer customers 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Winning Dry Carpet Cleaning Formula

Stain Pro Carpet Cleaning customers respect us for our attention to detail and our aim to provide the best results possible whether it be for a single carpet for a small residential property through to larger areas in restaurants and industrial locations..

You will also get the following:

  • Free check-up and assessment. We will visit your home or office to determine the type of carpet cleaning that will need and will suggest the right service.
  • Free moving. We will move your furniture and movable fixtures as needed
  • Heavy vacuuming. We will vacuum your carpets using tools that are effective in taking out superficial dirt, hardened soil, hair strands, and other materials from your carpet
  • Dry Cleaning. We will thoroughly treat and sanitize your carpets using our secret solutions and then have them undergo our extensive dry cleaning process for better result
  • Deodorizing.We will deodorize your carpets and apply treatment to make them feel like brand new
  • After cleaning services. We will return the furniture and fixtures we moved and we will provide post-cleaning assessment of your carpets.


Stain Pro Carpet Cleaning takes pride in having loyal and satisfied customers over the years. So the next time you want your carpets dry cleaned in Brisbane, consider Stain Pro.

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Expert Dry Carpet Cleaning

Let our experts team of dry carpet cleaning professionals amaze you with our dry carpet cleaning service, fast friendly and clean! Call us today to make a booking.