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While often taken for granted and not given much importance as compared to wall decorations, floor carpets, and upholstery, rugs play an integral role in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of your home. When visitors and friends step into your doors, the first household item that will meet them is the welcome rug.

The rug absorbs the superficial dirt, dust, and mud from slippers and shoes, protects the tiles or wooden floors from shoe spikes and other hard objects, and just like your favorite carpets, household floor runners also make your hard floor soft and comfortable to walk on.

And while they absorb dirt and dust, who would want dirty rugs to be the first to greet visitors and friends? We understand most people either don’t want to, or simply don’t know how to effectively clean them.

Rug Cleaning


The Cleaning Experts

We always take pride in our cleaning services, just like our carpet and tile cleaning services, our rug cleaning service is no different.

We can assure you a high-quality, cost-effective, and satisfying result. No matter how dirty they are and no matter what type of dirt or stains they have absorbed over time, we are ready to transform new life into every project we do.

The Right Process

Our staffs will not just simply clean we also provide a range of service offerings to give you peace of mind.

Our process includes the following industry-approved procedures:

  • Pre inspection and analysis. Our expert cleaners will visit you and inspect the items you want cleaned. They will then provide analysis and suggest the types of cleaning procedures to use.
  • Moving of furniture and fixtures. If needed, our staff will move your sofa set, furniture, and other fixtures for free in order to effectively clean the rugs
  • Vacuuming and Vibrating. We will use state-of-the-art vacuums to remove superficial dirt and particles. For stains and dirt that cannot be removed by vacuuming, we will use our vibration machine to dust off those nasty dirt.
  • Washing and spraying. We will wash using chemical agents that are not harmful to the environment and do not cause discoloration and damage to any fabric. We will then spray treatment liquids to soften the fabric, just like the first time you had them.
  • Rotary Shampooing. We use the latest rotary shampooing machine to protect the fabric and to make sure that every dust or dirt particle that hide within the products are removed.
  • Rinsing. We will rinse off the shampoo and other solutions from your rugs using our state-of-the-art rinsing machines
  • Drying and Sanitizing. We will use world-class drying machines to quickly make your rugs immediately available to use. We will also apply sanitizing agents for a complete and lasting result


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